An attorney is a expert practitioner who fixes and makes the keys to locks, even including all those utilized to get secured locations for example organizations and homes. Modern locks are unnecessary any longer because of this high amount find a locksmith near me of stability measures today taken. This being the situation, persons require the help of the locksmith to install, fix or replace vital systems and locks.


                                                                 Automotive Global Imports  s.r.o.
                                                                                   Okružní 621/1a
                                                                          České Budějovice  370 01


                                                                         ICO: 26031965      DIC: CZ26031965

         vedení firmy:

Lukáš Kamlach 

tel.: 604 705 053


          technolog , příprava zakázek

Bohuslav Dvořák

tel: 733 758 414


         administrativa, fakturace:

Věra Štojdlová

tel: 602 651 114



najdete nás

  v areálu bývalé  slévárny na Okruží ulici

GPS :Loc: 48°59’28.29″N, 14°30’38.072″E

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